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Learning ActionScript 3.0 for Designers (Session)    

This session is aimed at Flash designers and ActionScript beginners who haven't yet made the jump to AS3. Using a "whole-brain" approach, the session will look at design-centric views of the development process while highlighting the consistency and structural changes that make AS3 so powerful. Rather than relying solely on talking points, you'll follow "Learning Curve Larry" through the creation of a simple AS3 project. Included will be sections on how to get started, the display list, the new event model, migration issues, ways in which designers and programmers can more easily work together, and more.

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Rich Shupe - FMA    

Shupe is the founder and president of FMA, a full-service multimedia development and training company in New York. He teaches Flash, JavaScript, digital video, and audio, and more in FMA's state-of-the-art training facility. A faculty member at the School of Visual Arts, Shupe teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs. He is a technical writer (DevX.com, Adobe EDGE, more), and the author/co-author of several existing and upcoming books including: Learning ActionScript 3.0 (O'Reilly), Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Video Training Book (Peachpit), and Flash 8 Projects for Animation and Interactivity (O'Reilly). He is also the author of three video training series for Lynda.com: Flash CS3 Essential Training, Flash CS3 Beyond the Basics, and ActionScript 3.0 Beyond the Basics. His work can be viewed at www.fmaonline.com.


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