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This is a small repository for supplemental materials that are/will be cited in articles I write for DevX. When mentioned in an article, this page will be a starting point for additional references, links, or downloads.

Articles with resources in addition to those posted at DevX are marked accordingly. Supplemental links are found at the bottom of this page.





Fresh AIR for RIAs     

This is an HTML/JavaScript version of the Flash CS3-based AIR application included in the article. It was developed using the Dreamweaver CS3 AIR development extension but you can use any editor with the AIR SDK (both also cited in the article).

Connect the Dots: Rubber Bands with Flash's Drawing API     

Using Flash's Drawing API to keep MovieClips connected at runtime isn't only easy--it has additional benefits. In addition to commonly used rigid lines, you can connect clips with rubber bands.

Make Your Files More Expressive with Runtime Filters    

Learn how to use Flash 8's dynamic filter effects, making it possible to add drop shadows, glows, bevels, blurs, and more to Movie Clips at runtime.

Alpha Gradient Masks, At Last!    

Finally! The soon to be released Flash 8 includes one of the features for which designers have been yearning for years--the ability to use an alpha gradient as a mask.

Master Simple Math Concepts to Electrify Your ActionScript    

I know we said there would be no math, but this is way easier than it sounds. This practical article uses basic trigonometry in ActionScript to improve the flexibility and creativity of your animations. After this down-to-earth tutorial, you may never shy away from math again.



Rich Shupe - FMA    

Shupe is the founder of FMA, a New York-based full-service multimedia development and training company specializing in online, and disc-based development. Shupe has been using Flash since its introduction as a cross-platform development tool and has discussed Flash and/or Director as a regular lecturer, panelist, and trainer at many conferences including FlashForward, Flash on the Beach, Macworld, UCon, QuickTime Live, and many others. Shupe teaches Flash in both commercial and academic environments, and is a faculty member at New York's School of Visual Arts. He is also a technical writer, authoring or co-authoring books including Flash 8 Projects for Animation and Interactivity and Learning ActionScript 3.0 (both O'Reilly). Clients include Apple Computer, McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, IBM, Mott's Food Service, Loews Theaters, and Marvel Interactive.


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